The Big C

Celebrating Aunty Flow

Five months ago I made the very difficult decision to stop my anti-hormone medication. From the beginning, anti-hormone treatment was a huge stumbling block for me. Chemo and radiotherapy I could deal with because I could see the end in sight but the thought of five to ten years of Zoladex Injections and daily exemestane putting me into chemical menopause at 35 years old was pushing me into a depression.  After a meeting with my oncologist, I agreed to give the medication a go. I suffered a lot of side effects, hot flushes, night sweats, aching joints, sleeping issues, foggy brain, memory problems and dryness. My body felt like it was in shock and I was struggling emotionally.


Having promised myself I would persevere and take the medication for two years I stumbled on, even managing to administer the monthly implant myself at home. However, I got to eighteen months of taking my medication and I was becoming increasingly fed up, as my friends were all having babies I felt like my body had aged twenty years. I decided to meet with my oncologist and we both agreed that since I had reached two years without a recurrence and my Onco test score had been low that I could stop my medication.

This felt like an enormous relief, I had never felt hormone therapy was right for me and I finally felt like I might get my body back. Five months later and all the side effects of my chemical menopause have gradually disappeared and I have had my first period in years. I think it may be the first time I’ve ever celebrated aunt flow coming to town. It’s a wonderful relief to know my body has made such a quick recovery.

Now I need a tool to track my cycle so My Health Storylines app comes in handy once again with its period tracker tool.

If you are struggling with health issues or stress and would like to track your symptoms pop over to sign up free to Health Storylines 

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