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So much support but how do I find it?

There are so many fantastic charities out there offering support for cancer patients. This can include councilling, massage, reiki, yoga, weekend retreats, courses and more but it can be a little bit tricky finding out what is available in your area or even your hospital.

I recently met up with the Beatson charity which raises funds for the hospital in Glasgow where I had my treatment for breast cancer and we got on to this subject. Since then they have worked with other cancer charities to produce the fantastic leaflet below which shows the wide variety of support available on their campus for cancer fighters and their families. I made great use of these during my treatment. I had wonderful facials just after each of my chemotherapy treatments at the Well Being centre to relax me, several massages at the Cancer Support Scotland Centre and a block of counselling. I definitely recommend looking in to the complimentary therapies available in you area as they really helped to keep me a lot calmer and happier during and after treatment.

Have you had support from charities in you area? Or maybe you found it tricky to find out what is available, tell me about you experience in the comments below.

Online info here:



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