The Big C

Something a little (huge) bit exciting…

So usually the start of January can be pretty crap. Christmas is over, you have a house full of plastic tat and no where to put it, the weather in Scotland is 90% grey and you just want to hibernate with the left over mince pies and quality street.

On the 2nd of January things got a little bit exciting. It was about 12.03 am (I’ve been staying up way too late these holidays) I had a quick squizz at my emails before bed and what should be sitting in my inbox? Only a blooming congratulations email from the UK Bloggers Awards to tell me that out of 4000 entries I had made it to the short list in the Health and Social Care category. I squealed so loud my husband almost fell out of bed.

Rewind back to May 2016, I was 34 with two kids, Eva 7 and Logan 4 and I had just found out I had breast cancer. I felt terrified and lonely. Even though I was surrounded by people showing me love, care and incredible kindness I felt none of them could give me what I really needed. I needed to find people my age who had cancer too.



Hello Peeps, I’m 34 with a little gang of 2 kids and a fab husband. I’ve got early stage Breast Cancer and hope to use this page to motivate me to stay positive and smiling though this crazy cancer treatment journey. Please say hello if you’re going through something similar. Ax💫 #cancer #chemotherapy #breastcancer #staypositive


My head was full to the point that thoughts were dribbling out of my ears and I needed somewhere to release the pressure so I turned to Instagram to see if I could find more young women fighting cancer. That is where this blog began, with me on my iphone desperately trying to find someone who knew how I was feeling. I posted almost every day documenting over a year and a half of cancer treatment and recovery. Showing the raw and scary side of cancer but also a lot of smiles. I also made a lot of friends, talking to women like me all over the world. One of the first people to contact me was Lore from she was all the way over in Mexico but reached out to me as she was a few months ahead of me in treatment and knew the hell I was going through.

A few months in, my following was growing and a page I had set up to help myself had begun to help other cancer fighters keep positive and keep smiling. It felt amazing and every like, comment and DM pushed me up my cancer treatment mountain and over the other side to recovery. When I think back to the day I started ‘Cancer With A Smile‘ I never could have predicted where my story would take me and the opportunities cancer would put in front of me. From strutting the catwalk for Breast Cancer Care, setting up a YouTube channel, having my story in magazines and news papers and making my first ever public speech to 500 people. Being shortlisted for the UK Bloggers Awards is the flake in my mr whippy and maybe it will take me one step closer to my dream of publishing a book. (shameless plug but hey a girls gotta try) 


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