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What makes chemo so awful! Part 3 of my Story

The one thing most people know about cancer is that chemotherapy is bloody difficult, but what makes it so hard? The way it makes you feel? The fact it dominates your life for months? Or having toxic chemicals pumped in to your body?

All of these things make chemo one of the toughest medical treatments to endure but as much as it might seem like the devils work it’s also a miracle cure for a disease that kills quickly and with no mercy.

I wanted to give a real and honest insight in to what it’s like to go through chemotherapy and this video tells my chemo story. Believe it or not its not all bad!

  •  What did you find hardest about chemo? Please share your experience in the comments to help others understand.

4 thoughts on “What makes chemo so awful! Part 3 of my Story

  1. You are such an inspiration Audrey and so positive. Chemo IS awful but you are so right, you have to be kind to yourself and it does pass. I had 2 hospital admissions during my 4 rounds of chemo as my white blood cell count went to zero and I contracted infections that my body couldn’t fight on its own. Your team of medical staff are totally there to support you so don’t be afraid to lift the phone, there’s no such thing as a daft question. Our bodies are amazing, they recover from chemo quickly so all of you undergoing this now, stay positive and strong and keep fighting. There IS light at the end of the chemo tunnel. Love to you all. X


  2. Unfortunately my journey through 6 cycles got worse as it went on, which shows how different we all are! After the first 3 cycles the drugs were changed and the second batch made me sick as a dog. The only way to deal with this was some heavy duty medication which then had the effect of making me permanently wired (high as a kite but not in a good way!). I just couldn’t get the nausea under control so I took control and based on reasonable scan results I opted to skip the last (7th) cycle and get surgery moved forward. Other tough things were having to ask for help, brain fog, infections, fatigue but each time apart from the last one I bounced back after about 2 weeks. Our bodies are amazing things!
    The only other thing nobody told me was that cancer and chemo can both affect your blood, putting you at risk of clots. I developed some small ones in my lung and if it hadn’t been for a fantastic friend nagging me to get checked out by my GP (who sent me straight to hospital) I would have carried on ignoring the symptoms. So I also discovered the best things (the silver linings) like true friends.
    Thank you

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