The Big C

What I Learned From Breast Cancer

It feels pretty amazing to tell you that I recently wrote a Guest List piece for Clemmie Telfords amazing blog Mother of all Lists

  • Just because you are young you are not immune, I was a happy and healthy mother of two so getting breast cancer at 34 was not part of the plan.

  • There are lots of different types of breast cancer, I had a 1.2cm hormone responsive tumour which was growing thanks to the estrogen in my body.

  • It only takes one cell. Cancer starts when one cell splits to make a new one and the DNA isn’t copied correctly. This can cause the faulty cell to split in to more abnormal cells at a fast rate forming a tumour. Sometimes these tumours are benign (non cancerous) as they are not able to invade neighbouring tissues like cancer.

  • When you have breast cancer you need to get ok with flashing your…..

    Read the rest at  Mother of all Lists 

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