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Your Kids Keep You Going

Your Kids Keep You Going

When the darkness descends, when the unthinkable hits,

when the awful unexpected creeps upon you.

Your kids keep you going.


Their endless energy, their cheeky ways.

Their priorities, running, jumping, laughing, playing, fun.

Their words, bursting out of their little mouths like fireflies.

Fast, excitable and never ending.


When the doctor says ‘cancer’ life suddenly goes in slow motion.

When Everything changes but the world keeps on turning

Your kids keep you going.


Their bright eyes and toothless smiles.

When they lean in to tell a secret and sneak a kiss on your cheek.

The feeling of being needed when they fall,

Mums hugs are her super power they make sadness run away.


When you want to stay in bed forever and sleep off all the side effects,

When your chest’s filled with dark matter and you hit rock bottom.

Your kids keep you going.


They are stronger than you ever expected.

Taking the baldness and tears in their stride.

They offer cuddles as important as medication

when you feel like you can’t take any more.


Chemo, radio, nurses and drips.

Bloods, tablets, injections and never ending appointments.

You want to give up, run away, say enough is enough but

Your kids keep you going.


6 thoughts on “Your Kids Keep You Going

  1. Thank you sharing your lovely poem 😍
    My new 10 month old granddaughter kept me going & still does at 15 years, she’s the love of my life, Hannah Rose 😍


  2. Thanks Audrey for your lovely poem and for sharing it with us. It’s so true, even when your kids are 35, 33 and 31. My grandson (10) always tells me how much he loves my hair now , what a wee man!

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