The Super Easy Unicorn Cake

It was my little girls birthday recently and with unicorns being the big favourite at the moment the challenge was on to come up with a unicorn cake. I’m not a terrible baker and have made the odd cake in the past but time is the main thing I tend to be short of so I decided to go for a half and half DIY attempt. I of course could have enlisted a professional but the prices for a made to order cake were a little out of our budget. I’m actually glad now we had a go as we did a damn good job. 

I got a lot of messages about our little creation on my Instagram page so I decided to tell you how we put it together. I got most of what I needed from ASDA as it’s across the road but you’d get all these things in any supermarket.

It took us about 1 1/2 hours. 

What You’ll Need:

  1. A simple base cake
  2. White ready to roll icing  (horn and ears)
  3. Unsalted Butter 2 packs
  4. Icing sugar 500g
  5. Food dye 
  6. Milk
  7. Cake decoration beads, we used silver
  8. Edible glitter spray
  9. Piping Bag and nozzles (get a pretty big star nozzle) 

Step 1  Buy a simple base cake, I got ASDA’s Rainbow Jazzie Cake which cost £12.50 and has a rainbow sponge centre. 


Step 2  Make the horn and ears. We used ASDA’s ready to roll icing, £1.40 and created the horn by rolling out a long sausage shape bending it in the middle and twisting the two pieces round each other. We then cut out ears using a circular cutter and overlapped it to get an oval shape. The icing needs to be quite thick about 5mm. The SUGAR HERO  page has a great video of how to make these. 

Step 3 Attached decoration Balls to the ears. We mixed a little water and icing sugar to make a kind of glue then spread it on the middle of the ears and stick the balls on top. If possible leave them over night to harden. We didn’t have time so we used cocktail sticks up the middle to support the ears and a kebab stick for the horn. Spray the horn and ears with as much glitter as your heart desires. I added the ears and horn after creating the icing mane. 



Step 4  Make butter icing. This bit always used to be my down fall but i’ve been given a good tip. Beat the butter for ages, until it gets really fluffy and white. Its much easier if you have left it out of the fridge for a few hours first and you’ll need a electric mixer unless you’re Popeye! Mixers are pretty cheap at about £6 from Argos 

Once the butter is super soft slowly add the icing or you’ll get a big cloud of icing sugar which tastes awesome but probably isn’t good for your lungs. Adding a table spoon or two of milk to help soften the mix. Also add your choice of food colouring, we went for pink. If your cake base is plainer and your feeling creative you could make two colours of icing. 


Step 5  Pipe the icing on to the cake. Put the icing in to a piping bag. I used disposable ones from home bargains as they can be super messy and hard to clean. Push all the icing down to the bottom then twist the top in one hand and squeeze the icing out with the other. I definitely recommend having a little practice on a bit of kitchen roll first to get the knack. I had a photo of what I was aiming for in front of me while I did the mane of icing. 


Step 6  Eyes. You can either ice the eyes on or cut them out of the ready to roll icing. I cut them out as i was worried I’d mess it up with butter icing. I made little thin sausages and cut them in to the right shape. Then spread a little of the water/icing sugar mix on the back and pushed them on to the cake for a few seconds. This was a little fiddly but worked with a bit of perseverance. 


Step 7 Add the horn and ears. Cover the whole cake with glitter spray because surely there is no such thing as too much glitter. 



And you are done! I don’t recommend putting your cake in the fridge as we did this and the icing went all hard and horrible, next time i’d get a big box to pop it in.


Eva with her cake looking pleased as punch


This was so much nicer than just buying the cake as Eva and I made it together and she was so proud of how it turned out. 



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