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Braving the Baldy – two ways to tie a head scarf

Let’s face it, losing your hair when you go through chemotherapy pretty much sucks. This side effect hits you both physically and emotionally. Getting a wig was a big priority for me before my chemo started. I think this was because it was the one thing I had control over. However when it came to the crunch and my bald head needed covered my wig and I did not become good friends. It was a beautiful wig and looked very natural but I just could not cope with the itch. I’m a pretty fussy person when it comes to stuff on my skin at the best of times (I can’t cope with wool) so trying to wear my wig when I was feeling like crap just wasn’t for me.

So I looked for other options and head scarfs were what worked for me. I found them light, comfortable, quick and easy to put on. I also loved that I could get different designs to match outfits. Cotton beanie hats were fab too for colder days and I still often wear these as I like the funky style.

Lots of people were curious about how I tied my head scarfs on my Instagram blog so I made a YouTube tutorial for my channel showing two ways to tie a head scarf.  Here’s the video and links to where you can buy head scarfs and beanie hats.

New look have a lovely range of head scarf designs. 

I got super cheap and cosy slouch beanie hats on Ebay.

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