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My Breast Cancer Timeline

I thought it may be interesting for anyone who is starting their cancer treatment to see a timeline of my cancer story. I stay in Scotland and am being treated through our National Health Service.

14th March 2016: Found my lump on my right boob

15th March: Saw my GP and was referred to the breast clinic

After 2 weeks and no appointment letter I complained by email to the hospital for the long wait.

27th April (6 weeks after referral): My first appointment at the breast clinic, was examined, givn an Ultra sound, Mammogram and 3 core biopsies were taken with a local anaesthetic using an ultra sound to guide 

4th May: Biopsy result appointment, was told I have Invasive breast cancer 17 mm lump

18th May: MRI scan 

19th May: MRI results and given operation date

20th May: Operation- lumpectomy and lymph node removal from under arm 

2nd June: Operation results, lump smaller than thought 12mm, margins and lymph nodes clear

28th June: Heart ultra sound and ECG

15th July: 1st of 4 Chemotherapy sessions every 3 weeks Docetaxel and Cyclophosphamide

16th Sep: Last chemo

17th Oct: 1st of 19 Radiotherapy every week day for 4 weeks and due to start hormone therapy

10th Nov: Last Radiotherapy 

23rd Nov: Bone scan

7th Nov: First monthly Zoladex Implant

27th Mar: First Six monthly Bone Infusion


So all in all my breast cancer treatment has taken around 9 months and I’ve been advised to take hormone therapy for 10 years and bone infusions for 2 years.

One thought on “My Breast Cancer Timeline

  1. We having day tomorrow in community centre in aid of it as iv lost lots to it, your story inspired me to do this as I don’t keep well myself , got lots different things wrong so I hope everyone who can will come along tomorrow, to help the cause and the most amazing story I have had pleasure to follow, as you are just that one very special person Jane


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